So Google published their annual search year in Pakistan today, which in turn reflects back to the 2018 through the all informative search engine which is Moreover such statistics and results in turn offer a totally different perspective to the many people and people also get to find out information about the year’s highlight moments which involves various, major events, Top competitions, news makers, top personalities and the hottest trends that took place in the year 2018 and finally the top movies categorized under the three sections as Searches, People and Movies.

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Moreover you can simply visit the website to get the necessary information of the Google search year 2018 in Pakistan. Furthermore you can see the list of the top searches but in addition to that you are also eligible to check for the timeline, the regions and the related searches of every tag through its Google search insight tool. Google has also published a video post in which they highlighted the major and the good things people searched for in the year of 2018 from you can be a good citizen to how you can donate in to charities and people and people also searched for random guides as to how to be a responsible citizen and a good member of the society.

Here is what Pakistani searched for on Google in the year 2018

As many of you would expect cricket dominated the top searches that were conducted in Pakistan where people were also keen to find out the results and the news regarding the latest Pakistan vs NewZealand series and also wanted to gain information on the upcoming PSL 2018. Finally in the people section search results showed that Pakistani’s searched for the most for the first lady of Pakistan BushraManika while also searching for Reham Khan who was also a highlight in the year after the propaganda she caused and finally Meghan Markle who got married to Prince Harry.


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