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Pakistani Traders Move Towards Ban on French Products

Pakistani dealers have additionally joined the Arab world’s call to blacklist French Products following the distribution of disrespectful exaggerations of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). 

Sharjeel Mir, President of the Central Association of Punjab Traders, has declared a blacklist of French items in challenge the French President, Emmanuel Macron, and his administration supporting the distribution of godless representations to affront the Holy Prophet.

Traders across the country are announcing a complete boycott of French products and making it clear that we know how to shut down anyone who speaks against the honor of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the religion of Islam.

He approached the legislature to cut off strategic relations with France and keep its items from entering the nation. 

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Mir likewise declared a dissent on October 29 at Rawalpindi’s Fawara Chowk. 

Other brokers’ affiliations are in counsel for a precise blacklist. A gathering of Anjuman-e-Tarjan led by its focal president, Ashraf Bhatti, has chalked out an aggregate system. 

They requested that the administration remove the French emissary and end all strategic ties except if an official expression of remorse is advertised.

The government should impose a ban on all French imports, besides canceling franchise and dealerships of any of the French goods in Pakistan.

They said that President Macron’s derisive remarks towards Islam and his help for offending exercises against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have harmed Muslims’ opinions over the world. 

Prior to Pakistan, Turkey, and a few other Arab nations, including Kuwait, Qatar, and Jordan, have boycotted French items. #BoycottFrenchProducts has been trending on Twitter since Friday.


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