Pakistani influencers will soon be earning money through Instagram as Pakistan is now eligible for monetization through the platform. The social media giant has included Pakistan on its growing list of regions where you can earn revenue through advertising, brand deals, and much more.

You can find out by going to the settings of your Instagram application. You can navigate to your account > Branded content > Status. It will then show that you’re capable of monetization, which means that you can utilize Instagram to make money.

This update is server-side which means it is accessible to everyone without the need to manually make the update manually.

This will allow a lot of Pakistani content creators to make an online career. Many millions of people across Pakistan utilize Instagram and many of users follow Pakistani influencers too. Artists and actors already have established themselves as well and shouldn’t have any trouble in locating businesses through the site. Anyone who is looking to be influencers have an reason to begin working with the idea.

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But, Instagram makes sure to notify all influencers that their content must be in line with the monetization guidelines of Instagram in order to remain in the running. The content you post on Instagram is necessarily suitable to be monetized.

In other words, you can’t make money from static videos that display images with little or no movement. Slideshows with images aren’t allowed , and neither are looping videos or text-based montages, embedded advertisements, or static image polls that ask viewers to respond to questions asked by the video.

Exaggerated dangerous, harmful, or controversial content isn’t allowed, it is also not permitted to spread misinformation and misleading content, or copiedrighted or unoriginal content.


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