Digital transformation is basically a term that was unpopular and unfamiliar back in days but it has gone viral all over the globe, be it business voices in Davos, the banking giants in London & Wall Street, the automotive industry experimenting with AI, or the corporate catching up with billion dollar startups.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the experiment with Digital transformation is predominantly, led by the Telcos and this deliberate; paradigm shift in their business model has resulted in some extraordinary changes in fortunes for the (Value Added Services) VAS giants locally essentially making them outmoded.

However, VAS companies are in trouble because of Telco operators and digital transformation.
Here are some of the tips on how to transform a legacy VAS company into a tech or digital leader in Pakistan

  1. Strength and Motivation

Being a VAS innovator, you’ve been there, successfully shipping profitable VAS products over the years and building lasting relationships within the Telco & Enterprise ecosystem in Pakistan. Keep in mind that winning mentality and credibility is the main goal.

  1. Hire entrepreneurial & transform existing.

Hire exceptional talent; hire entrepreneurial people with crazy and wild viewpoint people who have taken risks in life before.

Transform existing talents for a better team. Don’t let the talented take the mickey out of the entrepreneurial ones. You need a right mix of diversity in your team to move ahead, rigidity needs to go and agility needs to come in.

  1. Fail fast, learn, and repeat again!

You’d definitely fail in products, learn and move on. Don’t let the failures stall your craziness & entrepreneurial spirit.

Build a “fighter & a winner” culture within your product teams. Learn, Learn, Learn & fail fast. Repeat all that again, build a lean & agile product innovation culture.

  1. Become the envy of others

Do all of the above and you are sure to become the envy of everybody in the tech and digital scene of Pakistan and trust me, no one is ready to exploit their market position than you guys.


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