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Pakistani YouTuber Killed while he was making a Prank Video!

The owner of the YouTube channel Lahori Vines, was shot while he was filming a prank video with the aid of his friends. According to said reports, he was making what you may call as a ‘Ghost Prank Video’ along with his friends Abdul Saboor and Hasnat Ali. The prank however went sideways and in turn caused the death of RanaZuhair.

Further on, upon inspecting his channel the ‘Lahori Vines’ it is quite evident that it was not the first prank video attempted by him and his friends. But as fate would have it, he had one prank to many and his latest prank resulted in his death. The video is of him wearing a white sheet over his head and going out and attempting to scare people, seemingly disguised as a ghost. During all of this, a shot was fired at him and unfortunately one of the shots impacted RanaZuhair resulting in the death of the teenager.

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Moreover, Police have taken his friends in to custody and an investigation in to the matter has commenced, in order to lawfully conclude this matter.

Pakistani YouTuber Killed while he was making a Prank Video!

Now we all know that pranking has been one of the most popular trends these days, with YouTubers from all over the globe indulging in such pranks on their community. Although the thought behind these pranks is harmless and carry minimal risk of resulting in a very bad situation, but there are reports of these pranks resulting in to very ugly and undesirable scenarios. So it is advised to show restraint during the production of these videos and avoid indulging in these types of pranks which can in turn have fatal consequences, just take the above case as an example, even something as a simple joke can be the cause of a fatal consequence. YouTubers in that regard should be very hesitant in this regard. Nothing is more important than your life, especially not something such as mere views or likes!


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