Pakistanis Prefer Smartphones For Shopping Online


Smartphones are everywhere and the development of mobile-friendly apps is the way forward for any growing online business. In Pakistan, the new era of Smartphone’s has boomed to massive heights, taking over the entire country by storm. Many online shopping businesses today are trying to adapt to the Smartphone era, first by catering to the needs of a young Smartphone using generation.

Reportedly, Pakistan is among the fastest growing economies in the world and it has now become one of the hottest countries for the mobile industry, as well as e-tail and global retail giants. Although a late entrant into the world of e-commerce, Pakistan has seen a remarkable growth in the industry within a short time span. With numerous products available for sale, depending on smartphones seems to be the most common trend among people, especially the younger generation.

With mobile commerce a rising trend in Pakistan, there are many reasons behind why people in Pakistan are depending more on Smartphone’s for their online shopping needs. First, it’s a lot easier for people to carry their mobiles around, and secondly, they can access any online shopping websites easily from the comfort of their homes. Lastly, finding money saving deals online is much more convenient, rather than struggling in local stores and bargaining for bulk discounts.

Most e-commerce giants in Pakistan such as Kaymu are continuously working towards capitalizing this trend, and many have made it easier for their customers to reach their sites by creating apps. Other than working on the development of seamless apps, they make their websites more mobile-friendly, allowing customers on the go to view and buy any product easily. Research also reveals that as much as 60% of traffic on e-commerce websites comes from smartphones alone, especially on periods of high sales, such as New Year and Black Friday.

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