The Cloud City Metaverse (TCCM) is a groundbreaking new project being developed by NARSUN Studios, Pakistan’s largest gaming studio. With the help of Unreal Engine 4, TCCM will be the first ever Pakistani metropolis to be realized in virtual reality, offering gamers and residents alike an immersive digital experience unlike any other.

As Pakistan’s first Metaverse, TCCM is an exciting new venture that offers businesses a chance to take part in the cutting-edge world of Web3. Built on Unreal Engine 5, this powerful platform combines high-end graphics, hyper-realistic environments, and great visual design with advanced audio, lighting, animation, and other capabilities. Whether you’re looking to launch a trailblazing business or simply explore the Metaverse for yourself, TCCM has something for everyone. So if you’re ready to experience the future of online gaming and beyond, sign up today!

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Drawing interest from individuals and companies all over the world, TCCM promises to be a truly cutting-edge venture that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with modern technology. Whether you’re looking for exciting new gaming experiences or simply want to explore a futuristic digital cityscape, TCCM is the place for you.

This plus all of our Web3 and NFTs provide a complete metaverse that integrates functionality regarding identity and economic monetary systems, resulting in the parallel world of digital identity in a blockchain ecosystem. Cloud City is a constantly active digital realm that allows users to and actors to construct locations and lease them out, allowing nearby users to drop in at any time.

Create a guild, own NFT assets, play F2P video games, and monetize their experience. Users can play the games for free, but they can also pay NFTs, which will let them customize and own the assets they create. In this first F2P platform, users will think of innovative content and assets, all of which they will be able to share and make money on.

TCCM will be a revolutionary technology not just for individuals but for businesses, such as those in the financial industry, education, health, construction, and many other verticals. TCCM isn’t something unprecedented for Pakistan for the first time; it’s a new maneuver for our film industry, competing with large institutions throughout the world. TCCM is powered be NARSUN Studios , a blockchain and web game development studio that has been in operation for a few years now.

Currently, there is the greatest augmented reality gaming utilization of Blockchain programs.Narsun Blockchain and Entertainment creates holographically three-dimensional games, smart contract programs, custom NFT marketplaces, metaverse development, wallet programs for all occasions, and the implementation of play-as-earn technologies.

Founder of NARSUN Studios & Co-Founder of TCCM, Umer Abbas, said, “My team and I have been developing websites for our financial sector for a while now, but it was high time we enabled other people to build their platforms here for us, too.” Umer encouraged us to share our love of space and bring back more opportunities for our nation.

Pakistan has long been considered as technologically illiterate, but this is a sign that we can do it too, according to Barbar. The project has been invited to participate in many prestigious events all over the world, including the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, where TCCI was on stage next to well-known companies like Sandbox and Decentraland.

The co-founders of Sandbox were also invited to the TCCMs booth at the Future Blockchain Summit at Gitex in Dubai. They provided demonstrations of TCCMs.

TCCM Features

TCCMs creators will help you engage with the world in an augmented reality never seen before. As you custom-tailored to recession, TCCM brings an exciting new digital world where you can live to experience. Create and command web content, play games, host a safe space, and other recreational activities in the blueprints created by TCCM. Attend concerts, podcasting arcs, live music events, and more in the TCCM citadelstar.

Resonate with your target customers and establish your brand’s presence in trade centers like never before. Dream this dream, and you can make it happen.

Mustafa Jamal Iftakhar, Co-CEO at TCCM, explained the impact that TCCM will have. He said, “The web3 space opens up a whole array of possibilities for a nation like Pakistan. We can be confident in driving the nation forward with our Metaverse by empowering our people.”

TCCM for Businesses

TCCM seeks to facilitate Pakistani businesses with direct business links to websites such as YouTube, Flipkart, and Facebook. From Tiktokers to online retailers to retail outlets, there is a place in The Cloud City Metaverse for everyone.

How to advertise your business by implementing Time-CS metrics will enable you to grow. If you don’t have time to get started with this process, here are some steps you can use.

  • Create custom environments for your business needs, or have TCCM create one for you.
  • The products and services you offer can easily be brought to the attention of the glamor of the meta.
  • Check out your artwork in local exhibitions held by TCCM.
  • We’ve established a marketplace that allows you to create & sell your NFTs. Browse through the best of them, meta-style.
  • Create a product system drawn from a metaverse.
  • Give your customers the ability to shop from home as you provide them with the experience of shopping from you.
  • TCCM is a great place to launch a store. The sky is the limit.

Trendy products can make customers feel they have a fresh start while attracting new customers.

Ahsan Imtiaz, CEO of TCCM and Co-Founder & MD of NARSUN Studios is thrilled concerning the framework being built by TCCM and believed that, in addition to its affordability, businesses of TCCM’s extensive network would get an unprecedented quantity of exposure.

We have dominated the international market due to the advantages we offer to businesses and the work we create to earn that business. We hope you will likewise follow the trendsetting example we set, he revealed.


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