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Pakistan’s future lies in the tech sector: Masood Khan

It has been observed over the past few months that the tech sector within Pakistan has grown exponentially, and it has enormous potential for future growth,” said the Pakistan Embassy to the United States.

There has been a growing movement among US investors and businesspeople to support startups in the tech sector in Pakistan. I am optimistic that this sector will be a success, and I believe that this will serve to strengthen the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US,” he added.

Masood Khan made the following remarks today during his interaction with the newly appointed honorary consul in Orlando Florida Mr. Adnan Asad at the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC during the visit of the Ambassador.

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It has been reported that in the last few years, the world’s leading venture capital firms have been noticing Pakistani tech startups, including Global Tiger, which is a venture capital firm based in the Bay Area. Accordingly, they are recognizing the tremendous potential of the country’s young tech-savvy population and the promising prospects it has in this critical field.

According to the Ambassador, the newly appointed Honorary Consul is recommended to focus on establishing business relationships and promoting people-to-people exchanges between Pakistan and the United States in order to create a positive image of Pakistan.

The Pak-American community played an extremely important role in the development of the country, as he pointed out.

He pledged to use his network to build bridges between Pakistan and the United States, citing his experience as an entrepreneur with investments in both countries. Adnan Asad is an Honorary Consul who invests both domestically and abroad.

The US is already supporting through the US Aid program in various sectors.


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