If we look in to the Gaza (Palestine) current situation we can’t say anything what’s going on and why the whole world is silent. Hundreds of Palestine’s martyred include innocent little kids, women’s and youngsters. Hundreds of houses, mosques, destroyed in very small spam of time.  In a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people, Pakistan’s military leadership has reaffirmed its commitment to the principled stance of Palestinians against Israeli actions. The 260th Corps Commander Conference, held at General Headquarters (GHQ) Rawalpindi, saw the nation’s top brass express their deep concerns regarding the ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict, particularly the disproportionate use of force by Israel that has resulted in significant harm to innocent Palestinian civilians.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) released an official statement highlighting the military’s unwavering support for the Palestinians. Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir extended “diplomatic, moral, and political support of the Pakistani nation” to the Palestinian cause.

General Munir lauded the resilience and determination of the Palestinians, whom he referred to as brothers enduring a prolonged struggle against the unlawful occupation of their territories and the desecration of sacred Muslim places.

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During the conference, the participants paid their respects to the martyrs of Mastung, Hangu, and Zhob incidents that occurred during the Holy month of Rabiul Awwal. The forum also commended the continued sacrifices made by the security forces and law enforcement agencies in safeguarding the nation while combating the menace of terrorism.

Furthermore, the participants resolved to deal with all terrorists, as well as their facilitators and abettors, who work at the behest of hostile forces to destabilize Pakistan. The state’s resolve to confront such threats remains unyielding.

The conference featured briefings on the prevailing geo-strategic environment, the challenges to national security, and the strategic response to evolving threats. The military reiterated its dedication to protecting Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against both direct and indirect threats.

In a testament to its commitment to the nation’s well-being, the military pledged full support for the strategic initiatives proposed by the caretaker government to revive the economy and improve the lives of Pakistan’s citizens.

The conference also undertook a comprehensive review of ongoing efforts to combat illegal economic activities. General Munir stressed that the Pakistan Army will continue to offer wholehearted support to the government and law enforcement agencies in taking lawful actions against illegal economic activities throughout the country. This includes intensified actions against hoarding and smuggling syndicates operating across various sectors, with a focus on eradicating the negative impacts of such practices.

In an effort to address the issue of illegal foreigners, the military endorsed the federal government’s decision to repatriate and deport all illegal immigrants starting on November 1, 2023. General Munir emphasized the importance of ensuring a smooth, dignified, and secure repatriation or deportation process for all illegal foreigners.

The military leadership concluded the conference with an emphasis on maintaining high standards of professionalism, motivation, and excellence during operations and training of military formations. This commitment reaffirms Pakistan’s dedication to the Palestinian cause while highlighting its unwavering resolve to ensure the safety and prosperity of its own citizens.


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