Pakistan’s mobile phone imports have seen an increase of 110%

Pakistan’s mobile phone imports have seen an increase of 110%
Pakistan’s mobile phone imports have seen an increase of 110%

So the DIRBS system for mobile phone verification has finally started to bear some much need fruit for the country’s economy. Now, noted that this new system was not well received by the citizens of Pakistan since the government imposed quite heavy taxes on devices which was a cause of concern for many consumers. In addition to that, you phone would be useless, if it is not registered in the country’s books hence the need for DIRBS.

If your phone’s IMIE was not registered within the DIRBS system then your phones cellular services which include, calls, messages and Network Internet services would basically stop working. Moreover, the successful  implementation of the new mobile phone registration system by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has resulted in a significant increase in the commercial import of mobile phones.

Now as per the new statistics from the media, the commercial import of mobile phones has seen a hike in revenue by an astounding 110 percent in one year. In 2018, 9,564,424 mobile phones were imported, whereas, in 2019, the number stands at 19,834,465 mobiles.

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Furthermore,the documents say that a substantial decrease in illegal imports and the smuggling of mobile phones has been recorded since the start of the initiative and while it was a little concerning its good to see that the system is helping the country grow and on top of that it is helping in reducing smuggling.

Now at the local level, the production of mobile devices has been recorded with an increase of 72 percent. After the introduction of the mobile phone registration, custom duties of more than Rs. 1.27 billion have been collected thus far and one can understand the effect created by the system.

The government has been taking steps to increase domestic manufacturing of mobile phone devices as well. So far, PTA has blocked millions of devices with unregistered International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. The new system has helped the government generate revenue from the legal import of cellular phones.


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