The Pakistani mountaineer Naila Kiani is acclimatized to climbing the planet’s eleven 10 tallest mountain Gasherbrum I (G1) on the morning of today. She is the first woman from Pakistan to reach the top of three 8000+ meters of mountains including G1 Gasherbrum II (G2) as well as K2 with her first effort. Naila participated in an team comprised of participants who began the climb to G1’s summit.

A symbol of strong, empowered Female athletes who are strong, powerful and resilient. Naila works as a banking professional and a climbing lover. G1 was her second goal this year after she had previously climbed K2 on the 22 22nd July. Thanks to her accomplishments on the mountain female mountaineer has encouraged women all over the country and has promoted gender equality in the sport community.

This was among the most challenging tasks I’ve ever had to complete throughout my life. It was only my passion for mountaineering and adventure sports that led me to do this feat,” declared Naila after her summit success. “I’m amazed by the unwavering trust that my country and particularly the mountain climbing community has displayed during my journey. It is the BARD Foundation has served as my lighthouse throughout this entire time. Their unwavering support for my work is testimony to their noble goal of helping Pakistani athletes.

Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation, is Naila Kiani’s official sponsor.

We congratulate Naila for making it into the record books time, Razak Dawood, the Chairman of the BARD Foundation, stated, “Naila represents what Pakistan’s greatest as well as the determination to succeed as well as the drive to share her gifts and from her soul, and of course the desire to win. 

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Every time she climbs her name is immortalized in the history books, inspires many youngsters and makes our country amazing. Naila’s incredible feat of climbing the Gasherbrum I just immediately after reaching the K2 summit is a source of inspiration for the Foundation to keep supporting young athletes, and provide them with the opportunity to achieve excellence in sports and athletics. Naila’s accomplishment proves the determination women have to accomplish whatever they want to.”

A Dubai-based banker in the field of banking and a mother of two children, Naila has also been a certified boxer, mountaineer, and an avid adventurer. In 2021 she set an all-time record as one of the few Pakistani woman to scale Gasherbrum-II (8,035 metres) which is the 13th highest mountain. Naila was also one of the two Pakistani female mountaineers standing at the summit of the second highest mountain, the majestic K2 and also she was the very first Pakistani woman to complete this feat in her first attempt.

She was awarded an award in the month of December 2021 by the president of Pakistan in recognition of her accomplishments and contribution to mountaineering.


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