Pakistan’s Very Own E-payment Gateway To Launch Soon

E-payment Gateway

Pakistan has been beaming with up and coming freelancers and has been named among the top countries for providing freelancers. This leads to the big problem of transfer of money between the freelancers and the freelancers. Pakistan does not have a comprehensive system of money from international venues, hence, a lot of money is used in taxes between international transfers which leaves very little for the one who did the work. 

In a recent meeting on the promotion of Information Technology in Pakistan, PM Khan has stressed on proper plans to be carried forward for the purpose. The Secretary Information Technology Shoaib Siddiqui informed the PM of the launch of an e-payment gateway, the first of its kind in Pakistan to facilitate and encourage more and more freelancers in Pakistan. This would bypass the extensive taxes being deducted from international transactions and allow for the meaty share of the earnings in the hands of the person doing the job. The action plan has been set up for the promotion of the Information Technology sector and responsibilities have been assigned to all relevant ministries.

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In September of last year, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary announced the launch of a e-payment gateway but wanted China to assist Pakistan in the process, and now it seems like this might well be underway soon, which is great news for Pakistani freelancers as they would be able to maximize their earnings and would been keen on continuing to work more.


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