Online publishers, advertisers or marketers, all have tried their luck storing stock images and it has always been a hard task for Pakistanis. But it won’t be harder anymore. Pakstockphoto has been launched on 23 March 2017. It promises to be Pakistan’s first stock image library. The library currently has an enormous stockpile of 1,000 high-quality images. You can ingress those images under different licensing options and pay depending on the image quality.

Saqib Riaz and Abid Azam are the founders of this startup. Pakstockphoto claims to cater local material allowing publishers and content generators to produce localized content by licensing the high-quality images on Pakstockphoto.

Due to the absence of a local stock image library, producers and publishers were often found using stock images from India. Advertisers often had to rely on Getty images or Image Bazaar because of Pakistan’s lack. Both are big stock image platforms but lack cultural representation for Pakistan as they target other markets.

Pakstockphoto wants to end this gap and provide a better platform. Saqib Riaz said that his team is focused on creating a community of photographers who can help create a library of useful images. He added that once the community becomes self-driven and gains enough momentum, the company will move towards other avenues. Meanwhile, the photographers will be recognized for their work for Pakstockphoto.

Abid Azam stated: Our business model is built upon supporting photographers and giving them direct access to organizations and brands which they may not have been able to reach previously. Pakstockphoto will provide photographers with a platform to showcase their work and open doors to new opportunities for talented photographers.

According to the founders, the images on the platform will be related to Pakistani culture, nature, heritage, people, landscape, urban/rural areas, professionals, health, and other similar local themes.

Publish Images on Pakstockphoto

The process to publish your own images for licensing is pretty standard. Any photographer can apply by sending sample images to Pakstockphoto and wait for approval. Once accepted, they are allowed to freely contribute to the platform and users can have great and open access to it for use.


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