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Pandora to initiate on-demand streaming

Looks like Pandora has aimed to step up of Spotify and Apple Music. It has announced to launch away free streamed services from the upcoming month.

On-demand streaming is a big opportunity for Pandora. Users are facilitated to select from a list of songs that they can play. It cost for about $5 for the whole one month.

One of the Pandora’s spokesperson addressed the media by saying:

“We’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead. We’ve been working hard to bring an expanded listening experience to listeners and are on track to do so later this year.”

There will be 2 types of services provided; one of these will be including an offer that will cost for up to $10 every month that is similar to Spotify and Apple Music. The other one cost for about $5 each month.

Pandora even at this stage wants to attract buyers and so seeks for new ways again andagain.

It is not that successful as others but it still has 80 million users. 


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