Pakistan’s popular music streaming startup Patari has secured 2nd position at World Startup Cup 2016, held in Washington DC from 3rd – 5th August.

GoMobile, a Moroccon startup, has acquired the first place on the chart. It facilitates the disadvantaged people to personalized content via mobile phone. Armenian startup by the name of HY Picture, came on the third rank.It is based on media productions company. 65 national level championships took part in this global edition.

Patari is a music streaming log inpowering up a database of more than 15,000 songs;that has both the mainstream music and underground scene.

Go-Fig Solutions, was the winner of first ever Startup Cup held in the year 2014.Startup Cup is a business figure competition held on about 60 destinations worldwide.

Pakistan’s Startup scene has been participating with local startups in international competitions. Just recently,WonderTree another Pakistani startup won the GIST international competition held at Stanford University, United States


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