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Payments Digitalized by SimSim

Payments Digitalized by SimSim app gives you total control over cashless transactions in Pakistan. You might have already been using several portals for different online transactions, but a new startup Finja has revolutionised the digital transactions in the country.

SimSim’s mobile wallet gives the impression of a quick, powerful composition of feature-set, and an easy to use app. The app is trying to fit-in as many practical features as possible that we normally do individually and waste our time. The basic function of finance operations like add, send, get, or transfer money is easy and flexible. You can pay utility bills for a dozen of services. There are bunch of services and 3rd party integrations like ability to buy tickets for movies or buy gift vouchers that elevates the user experience from boring transactions-only app to a more fun-entertainment inclusive app. You can give donations to charity organizations, top up your mobile balance and locate discount deals near you. You can do all that through the SimSim’s mobile wallet. QR code based payments is the weapon that SimSim has used quite smartly, there are hundreds of merchants (at least 500) that support SimSim QR code based payments making customer experience fast and smooth. SimSim’s unique selling point is that it doesn’t charge for any transaction – except for sending funds to a bank account, which is charged at Rs. 8 per transaction.

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SimSim mobile wallet app is available on the App store and play story as well.  If any problem occurs the company that launched the app is very responsive and tends to your needs regarding their app as soon as possible for them.


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