Just as the World Cup is about to start and the Pakistani nation right behind the team confident that they will perform well, media rumors disrupt the party with some insane rumors, which looked true considering the recent events.

Team selection is not a very easy task to do, and the Chief selector has his hands full with it. In our case, it is Inzamam Ul Haq, one of the legends of Pakistan Cricket history entrusted to do the job. The team that he selected was objected to criticism from a lot of people including many players which led to the rumor that since the contracts of both Inzamam and Coach Mickey Arthur to be due this July, the duo would be let go by the Pakistan Cricket Board, post World Cup. Such a news can knock more than a few people off their game but PCB was quick to respond to such allegations with a clear statement following these rumors to re assert their trust in the duo. Regarding the rumor the PCB stated:

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reminded all stakeholders that it had clarified a few weeks ago that the future of the chief selector, coach and the player support personnel will be reviewed following the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019″, insisting that there has been no change to that position.

“It is disappointing that a foreign news agency, attributing an unnamed PCB official, released a factually incorrect and baseless story,” said the statement, terming it “unfortunate” that local media published it “without carrying out due diligence or fact-checking. At a time when the entire country and Pakistan cricket fans are getting behind the national side, the release and subsequent publication of a factious story, such as this one, seems to be an attempt to derail the Pakistan cricket team’s campaign in the ICC Cricket World Cup by creating unnecessary disturbance in camp.The PCB has fully backed and supported the chief selector, coach and player support personnel, and will continue to do so at the upcoming tournament. The PCB further clarifies that there has been no discussion or decision on the future management of the Pakistan cricket team, which will only be reviewed following the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.”

That would certainly calm the situation.

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