PCB: Saleem Malik’s response unsatisfactory and irrelevant

PCB Saleem Malik's

Saleem Malik’s continuous journey to be reintegrated into Pakistan cricket has been pushed back indeed by the PCB. The board trusts Malik hasn’t again reacted agreeably to the substance of a discussion 20 years back in which he discussed fixing cricket matches. While Malik demands he had presented a reaction a month ago to the board with respect to a sting activity by an English newspaper 20 years back, the PCB doesn’t accept his reaction fittingly addresses the issue. After the Qayyum report was discharged in 2000 – in which Malik was restricted forever – the now-outdated paper Updates on the World discharged a video in which Malik was supposedly discovered contribution to possibly degenerate players and games in return for cash. 

The correspondent associated with the sting – Mazher Mahmood – was equivalent to the one that did the 2010 Ruler’s spot-fixing activity. The disclosures and charges emerging from the sting were not part of the Equity Qayyum request; that request occurred in the year prior to this story and the report had been made open days before the sting. While Malik stayed out of the overlay for various years, he has as of late spoke to the PCB to reintegrate him, and made himself accessible for training or tutoring jobs. The PCB, in any case, stay determined that won’t be conceivable until Malik has considerably managed the inquiries that the sting raised. 

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Malik presented his reaction in June, however the PCB’s announcement on Friday clarifies they are not happy with its substance. ESPNcricinfo comprehends the board accepts the reaction to be insignificant to the current issue. “In the scenery of the abovementioned, the PCB will be not able to continue any further until such time you react on the said issue,” the announcement said.

PCB Saleem Malik's
PCB Saleem Malik’s

Malik’s cricketing vocation was at last contaminated by coordinate fixing outrages. In a legal request that started in 1998 and proceeded for 13 months, he was seen as blameworthy of paying off Australian cricketers Shane Warne and Imprint Waugh to lose the 1994-95 Karachi Test. Malik was fined Rs 1 million and restricted for life in 2000, however after eight years his sentence was toppled by a Lahore meetings court, permitting him hypothetically to come back to the overlap. Be that as it may, the present explanation from the PCB clarifies little advancement hosts been made between the two gatherings since Malik started his most recent endeavor to totally restore himself.


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