PDM jalsa Multan : tensions on the rise

PDM jalsa Multan
A showdown is expected between both the government and the opposition as authorities have now looked towards the deployment of containers and denying the access to network so as to thwart the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) from holding its rally. Not only this as the authorities have also taken steps to register FIRs against anyone who doesn’t follow the orders so as to stop PDM.

On the other hand though, PDM seems adamant on holding the jalsa and achieving its objective as the vice president of PML-N in Maryam Nawaz has recently reported to have said that the party will proceed on and hold jalsa wherever the authorities try to stop them – and shall do so with the aid of containers. 

Just yesterday, the Multan district administration was quick to take action as it, with the help of the police, took upon itself to expel all opposition parties’ activists from the Qasim Bagh Stadium – which of course was the public meeting venue – and then put locks on its gates once again.

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On Saturday, two days ago, the PDM parties’ activists took the decision to break the locks and then occupied the stadium even though there were repeated warnings from the authorities to not do the same.

Activists, which include Ali Qasim Gilani – the son of former Prime Minister in Yousaf Raza Gilani were subject to arrest by the Multan Police as they defied the law while cases were subject to being registered against hundreds of opposition parties’ activists.

But regardless of these consequences, the PDM chief in Maulana Fazlur Rehman along with other opposition leaders on Sunday took upon themselves to take a vow that they will indeed go ahead with their plans of a public meeting at any cost.

As he addressed a crowded press conference taking place at the Jamia Qasimul Aloom after a rather crucial PDM jalsa in Multan, the Maulana claimed that the government was actually resorting to terrorism in the form of mass arrests, police raids and snatching the right to freedom of movement from the opposition parties.


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