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PEMRA fined Nickelodeon PKR 500,000 for Airing Indecent Content

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has fined the cartoon channel Nickelodeon Rs. 500,000 for airing questionable content.

According to the national media watchdog, they received complaints from the public that a cartoon character in the episode “The Emperor’s Throne” in the series “Winx Club” was dressed indecently.

PEMRA  issued a show cause notice to the channel on 28th of April, current year. Management of Nickelodeon was ordered to explain themselves in black and white and appear for a personal hearing on May 5th, the same year.

 Having heard the channel representative and checked the written reply, PEMRA discovered that the previously mentioned content has violated Clauses 3(1)(a), 3(1)(e), 12 and 17 of the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015, that caused the channel to get fined rupees 500,000.

In addition with that,   the channel is been directed to appoint an in-house committee to monitor the content before it goes live,  so to avoid any violation of the Code of Conduct. Nickelodeon has been asked to assist PEMRA by sharing details to about this committee within 14 days. If the case of channel’s failure to comply, the authority will proceed according to existing law.

Earlier,  our responsible PEMRA has issued two show cause notices to ARY News for casting aspersions against the armed forces of Pakistan in its transmissions.

ARY was ordered to send a reply to the show cause notices until 1st of  June. The CEO of the channel was also summoned for an official hearing,  to court. Failure to comply would be resulting in “ex-parte proceedings” being undertaken against ARY News.

A few days ago, PEMRA has also issued a show-cause notice to Starlite TV channel because Starlite TV channel aired a song having vulgar content.



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