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PEMRA has given Directives to sustain a check over TV Drama

At this time television is the most common way for an ordinary person to achieve enjoyment and it can easily be said that dramas have as much importance as the television does. Pakistan drama industry has proved itself to be one of the best drama industries in the world. Dramas are considered to be the secret ingredient through which channels achieve fame and while people not only watch these dramas they also try to apply actions and dialogues said or done in the drama in their everyday life. But it has been said in a western article that modern day dramas showcase negative and depressing scenes which people apply in everyday life which in turn has a negative effect on the lives of people. The director and producer have the biggest role in making sure the drama is a success. PEMRA has moved to take action against any of the electronic media and TV channel who don’t follow the directives issued for Dramas.

The main message of dramas that should come forward should showcase a positive message which respects the human community, caste, and religion. But modern day dramas are showing the traditions and actions of neighboring countries which can at times be against Islamic traditions, which in turn can really disturb the viewers. However after taking into consideration the views and complaints of people PEMRA Pakistani Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has given directives which are to be followed before airing a television program or a drama.

These directives are the rules to be followed before writing any drama. PEMRA earlier in a notification has devised these policies. One should be careful and should not choose a topic which can be against beliefs of communities. Communities should always be respected as well as the minorities. Violence is not to be observed during these dramas and actions or dialogues should not go against the religious views of people and that these dramas are to strictly be PG13 which means that directors should be cautious before showing content which involves crime or any sort of violence. Other rules are that black magic and atheism should not be showed as it gives out a negative message to viewers who by the way consist of kids, teenagers, and families.

Traditional clothes are to be worn. Dramas should also showcase Islamic teachings and how these teachings can be applied in daily life. Any sort of adult content is strictly prohibited and directors have to ensure that no such content is to be showed which has a negative an effect on the lives of children. Showcasing problems between families under a particular house is to be avoided and showing content in which one man divorces his wife is also to be avoided. These are the rules to be followed.

Channels have also been instructed some rules which are required to obtain the license of airing these dramas, these include that no sort of content should be aired which is against Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam or Allama Iqbal and that no such action or dialogue should be against the constitution of Pakistan and that all laws are to be followed. It is also prohibited to air content which shows anything used against Pakistan such e.g Guns or any sort of firepower. Racism is strictly prohibited which means nothing said against religion, caste or colour will be tolerated. Violence is not to be observed. Nothing should be said against the government of Pakistan and the Pakistan army in the drama and that laws are to be followed. No such action should be supported which supports drinking or smoking. Here you can download complete pdf.format

PEMRA has clearly notified all TV channels that strict actions will be taken if any of them dare not to follow these directives. Here you can download complete pdf.format Directives on Dramas released by PEMRA.



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