PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Authority) called Starlite TV channel’s management to file a reply within the four days, for airing a vulgar song by the channel on 13 June 2017.

PEMRA has issued a show cause to Starlite TV channel out of its management’s disregarding behavior towards the directives of Ramadan issued before the arrival of Ramadan,  according to these directives irreligious material or vulgar contents had been directed not to air during the Ramadan on any TV channel.

According to reports,  on June 13, 2017, in the morning, Starlite TV channel aired a song having vulgar contents.  The airing of such content is not only the violation of PEMRA Code of Conduct 2015 and various PEMRA laws but also it shows the channel’s disregard to the sanctity of the holiness of Ramadhan.

PEMRA has directed the TV channel’s management to file a reply within four days of the notice i. e by 18th June 2017.

PEMRA, proving its responsible management, has show cause notice to M/s Starlite Global Corporation (Pvt ) Ltd, and the CEO of the channel has also been directed to appear personally before the PEMRA committee. CEO would have to appear before PEMRA committee on 18th June  2017 at 12:00 pm. Here’s what copy of notification states.

Ex-parted proceedings shall be initiated against the channel if the orders are disregarded or noncompliance.

A few days ago, PEMRA has banned a QMobile advertisement out of some questionable content.

The steps have been taken by the authority are the proof of the PEMRA’s association with a healthy lifestyle that it wants to provide its community through social media presentations.


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