PEMRA issues directives to all cable and TV operators

On Wednesday,  Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued directives to all the Cable and TV operators across Pakistan to refrain from being part of any illegal activity and not to violate laws.

According to the document issued to direct the cable and TV operators, the issuance of the directives took place on 9th of July 2017 and all the Cable and TV operators are directed not to violate laws. They have to refrain from being part of any kind of illegal activity.

Disturbing, shuffling, illegally off- airing of transmission or repositioning of the transmission of PEMRA’s licensed TV channels along with the complete suspension of transmission of any television channel has been announced to be illegal.

PEMRA’s issuance of the directives to the Cables and TV operators shows that the authority is determined to enforce and establish its writ. According to the document, strict legal action will be initiated against the licensees or any other element found to be involved in the violation of the laws that have been mentioned above.

PEMRA has reiterated that the authority is determined to enforce the laws and violation of the laws will lead the authority to impose fine on the violators or the violators would have to pay fine along with being suspended of revocation of license.

PEMRA’s announcement of the laws and the strict announcement for the violators of the laws is no doubt an appreciatable step that will helpfully lead to a well managed electronic media transmissions.



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