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This Pen will cost you Rs. 3500/- all thanks to our Brand consciousness

“A brand is an image that takes place in the mind of the customer on hearing the name of some product manufacturing firm or company “

Is the definition of brand, according to a TV serial dialogue, where a group of college boys was going to undergo a brand and boys were discussing what the brand actually is.

Keeping this definition of “brand” think of the so called brands relating clothes, cosmetics,  vehicles,  stationery,  dairy products and whatever company you have in your mind. I need to know your honest reply for – Do the brand you are thinking about is really giving you your imagined perfection in the product?

90% people would answer “no” including me too. Being too much brand conscious, I am too much disappointed out of the high priced but low-quality products of the succeeding brands in the country.

Here you can see a pen, from SB brand, made of plastic, no any extraordinary feature, but price 35,00 Rs. Why?

Because it’s brand,  and we brand conscious people only pay for the name, without thinking about the fact that same product are also available in the market without a tag costing thousands time less than that so-called brand. I bought this pen just for the name, hence I could have purchased a local pen,  because I need something to write,  not to show off. But it’s impossible for me because I am deep company conscious.

This consciousness of public have encouraged so many brands that are just getting paid for their names,  and people, regardless of the quality just leap down to the name. That is the tragedy of our nation and the good luck of the fraudulent groups that are looting the people out of the image people have given birth in their minds relating to the name these fraud groups have selected for their company.

I am sick of this fraudulent because I always emptied my purse for the sake of branded products but when the products are tried, it just makes me disappointed with a resolution not to follow any brand for next. But it’s impossible for me because I can’t  afford brandless talk in the circle of my kith and kins.

Innocent people are being looted not only by brands but by those too who use company names illegally (though sometimes these illegal products satisfy us). A couple of years ago I saw a tea brand  “karak 1A”  don’t know the quality of tea but I know it was the illegal use of brand “karak A1”. A little change in the name can devastate the reputation of an extraordinary best brand.

TVC’s  play an important role in the success of brands,  people just follow the models been hired by the brands and most of the low-quality brands get successful just because they have models most favorite of the public.

Space does not allow me to go in the detailed discussion if you are interested,  just Google the worst brands of multiple products to see how much you are cruel to your pocket and how much you have been fooled by brands.

Be sincere to yourself, and let not your emotions be deceived by the so-called mental disorder of company consciousness, as you have so many local products that will serve you in the similar way as a branded product does, but definitely it will not disturb your purse. Still, you can proudly tell others that

“The product in my hands does good to me as a branded one could do for me,  but this one serves my pocket additionally.”

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
Saba is a passionate and versatile writer of NetMag's blog and Magazine. She is known for her great research based articles which are more often concluding the depths of insights of ICT in Pakistan and globally as well.


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