In the next 8 years, it is very likely that there won’t be any cars, buses, or even trucks manufactured to run on petrol or diesel. In the entire region, the system regarding the way of transportation would be transferred into electrical vehicles. As a result, there would likely be a dip in the prices of petroleum, hence those automobile industries, as a result, will suffer, who might not be able to adjust themselves according to this change. The prices of crude oil will perhaps dip even less than 25 dollars per barrel.

Finding gas stations would not be the easiest thing to do, and people would prefer to rent a car, rather than use their own cars. Motor vehicles will work like programmed computers. This rapid change is becoming a big threat to the automobile industry because they now have to shift to the manufacturing of electric vehicles. As a result of a report from Professor Sheeba, there has been great uncertainty among the not only the automobile industries but also oil producing countries. It perhaps will not come as a shock that the Arab countries will likely see a change in their luxurious lifestyles, much like in 50’s.

The sad thing is that the Arab countries, that produce oil have not learned their lesson because instead of establishing an economy based upon education, much like the example given of Korea and Finland, rather they spent their entire money on luxurious lifestyles. The latest type of technology is the battery type technology, due to which cars can achieve high mileage without the necessity to charge again and again. This can be done by changing the electrolyte of the battery, hence instead of petrol stations, don’t be surprised to battery stations in the future.

According to international information, the cost of production of electricity due to these batteries has been reduced to just $139, from $542, which was the price in 2012. It is also expected that the prices will be as low as $100 per kilowatt, per hour. By 2025, all the vehicles that have 4 wheels will run on electricity.

India and China have involved themselves in this new wave of innovation. In India, there is already some vehicles being banned that run on fossil fuels soon it will be the turn of petroleum. Right now we are observing something which might be given as an innovative example for the people in the future.

(Translation by Mustafa Faisal)


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