Peugeot’s Sister Company Unveils Car Made From Cardboard

Peugeot's Sister Company Unveils Car Made From Cardboard

Citroen -Peugeot’s subsidiary companyis launching an idea for a car that has body panels constructed of cardboard. The name is ‘Oli’. concept was developed to anticipate a future that isn’t relying on natural resources.

It is worth noting, however it’s not regular cardboard. It’s a specially designed honeycomb-shaped format that is reinforced by an elastomer coating to both the sides. The unique fusion of materials ensures that the panel is sturdy enough to support massive pressure and weight.

Citroen came up with the novel idea in conjunction with the German Chemical company, BASF. Citroen claims that the windshield of the car is made to make use of a minimal amount of glass to help save weight. While the design and style of Oli have been designed to “form over function”, it also offers an edgy look.

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A report by Reuters highlights the fact that Citroen’s method of developing vehicles although cutting-edge but not revolutionary. In a reference to a Soviet-era myth The report emphasized the fact that Trabant was a small two-stroke engine vehicle manufactured in the the former East Germany — was to have a body constructed of cardboard that was reinforced.

The company also said that due to the fragility of the construction, Trabant was later made out of “duroplast,” — which is a plastic that was reinforced using reused cotton. Citroen as well as BASF have managed to bring Trabant’s dream of a low-cost design to life.

The Director for Citroen’s Future Products, Anne Laliron explained to Reuters, “It’s not just a concept car like you’re used to seeing,” it’s more of a demonstration of the new ways of living. “Manifesto” is a concept car “Manifesto” concept car was designed by the designers of Dacia, a budget-friendly brand of Renault. The idea behind it is to encourage an environmentally sustainable, sustainable and cost-effective future for mobility.


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