Phone with a 4-sided curved display patented by Samsung

Phone with a 4-sided curved display patented by Samsung
Phone with a 4-sided curved display patented by Samsung

Samsung is already known to make phones that come with displays which are curved, however, this has always been limited to only two sides. A publicized patent filed in November of last year at the World Intellectual Property Organization went on to show that Samsung may want to make a phone with all sides being curved –this including both the top as well as the bottom.

The design isn’t exactly new, as it was also tried out by Honor in the Honor Magic – the phone came out three years ago in 2016. However, Samsung’s is a tad different. Amongst the major differences, if not the major is the size of the bezels. While the Honor Magic has thick bezels at both the top and bottom, the phone from Samsung keeps the bezels at the minimum.

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Another difference comes as Samsung goes on to hide the sensors as well as the front-facing camera under the display of the device. Considering the curved display, laying the camera flat would obviously result in images being distorted. And hence, the sensor is placed at an angle – all in accordance to the patent. Since there isn’t a fingerprint scanner on the back nor the sides, it would be reasonable to assume that it would be present under the screen of the device. The patent diagram also goes on to show that the phone features with dual rear cameras, while the side is occupied by a single button only.

There have also been 3D renders of the device which have been made recently, so we may get more of an idea as to how the phone might look like. Looking at the images, one would have to imagine that it would be one slippery fellow – however, the patent does say that the curves will go on to provide more of a firmer grip. The patent has claimed that the back of the device (which also happens to be curved on all sides) can be made up of metal, however, considering the track record that Samsung has, the company will probably go with glass.


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