No doubt all the organizations are now stepping forward to participate in the digitalization of Pakistan, and such a step has taken out by PIA. PIA has introduced Digital Crew app.

This app will play the role of An automated cabin crew flight observation log and information hub in a mobile app, app .is designed for the cockpit crew. Pakistan International Airlines PIA has launched this app for its flight hours. Features of this app are:

Features of this app are:

Crew would not have to carry large bags and suitcases to log in their hours.The crew will only need a tablet or a smartphone with the Digital Crew app pre-installed in their devices so the staff can register the necessary data through the app.

This app will enable the crew to fill rosters and technical manuals during a flight. This app will also be used to enable the staff to receive online and offline technical support, receive and deliver information by integrating with the system on the right time . It will also make the staff able to calculate fuel costs and efficiency allowances.

PIA’s struggles to modernize its routine tasks has brought fruit and now step to the digital crew app is the result of those struggles. This app project was headed by Chief Information Officer of PIA,  Azhar Nawaz.

Use of the Digital Crew app will make the airline go completely paperless,  no doubt this paperlessness will minimize the expenditures of PIA as well as will help chop back pollution too.


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