PIA to File Appeal Over Resumption of Operations in Europe

PIA in Europe

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is probably going to hold up an intrigue with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on Thursday against suspension of its flight activities to and from Europe for a half year. 

The choice to suspend the PIA’s flight tasks — in the wake of Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan’s exposure during a discourse in the National Assembly about the establishing of 262 pilots whose business flying licenses were discovered ‘dubious’ — was authorized on July 1. 

As indicated by sources, the intrigue has been set up by the PIA and the specialists concerned and it will be introduced to the Aviation Division before housing it with the EASA. 

The sources said that after the issue of pilots’ dubious licenses became known and the EASA suspended authorisation of PIA trips to and from the EU part nations, the office requested that the Pakistani specialists explain 11 focuses — security the executives framework (SMS) being the most significant one. 

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The EASA likewise asked with regards to how the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) had been working, how it gave business pilot licenses to candidates and how the up-and-comers settled their assessment papers. 

The sources said the EASA had likewise gotten some information about the quantity of airplane being worked by the national banner transporter and how the carrier kept up security measures. 

PIA Downgraded
PIA to File Appeal Over Resumption of Operations in Europe

The intrigue to be held up with the EASA additionally contained subtleties of significant plane accidents happened in Pakistan in the course of recent years and the wellbeing estimates taken by the specialists to forestall such occurrences in future, the sources included. 

The EASA has requested execution of the security the executives framework in the PIA which is obtaining the best framework on the planet. The PIA is additionally intending to add eight to 10 airplane to its armada or supplant old planes with better and new ones. 

As per the sources, before housing the intrigue with the EASA, the PIA will give an introduction in the Aviation Division. 

The PIA has likewise been setting up an extensive field-tested strategy in discussion with global advisors, however it has been briefly halted because of the progressing emergency in the flight business which has been gravely influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic.


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