In today’s article, we’ll explore the recent changes in airfare, specifically the increase in prices for two-way tickets from Karachi and Quetta to Jeddah. We’ll also delve into the challenges faced by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and their efforts to restore their flight operations. Let’s dive in!


The recent announcement of the revised prices for two-way tickets from Karachi and Quetta to Jeddah, set at Rs. 79,000, has caused quite a stir among travelers. This change has left many wondering about the implications it might have on their travel plans. Additionally, the challenges faced by PIA, the national flag carrier, have added to the uncertainty in the aviation industry.

The Karachi and Quetta to Jeddah Ticket Price Hike

What Led to the Price Increase?

The sudden increase in ticket prices has taken many travelers by surprise. The escalation is primarily due to rising operational costs, including fuel expenses and the economic challenges faced by the airline industry globally. The need to cover these costs has led to a significant hike in ticket prices.

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Impact on Travelers

For those planning their trips to Jeddah, this price hike can be a matter of concern. Travelers must now reconsider their budgets and make necessary adjustments to accommodate this increase in airfare.

Airlines’ Response

The national flag carrier, PIA, acknowledges the concerns of travelers and the challenges this price hike poses. They remain committed to facilitating Umrah pilgrims and are actively working to ensure the best possible service amidst these challenges.

PIA’s Struggles and Resilience

Fuel Supply Issues

In recent times, PIA had to cancel hundreds of flights due to issues with fuel supply. This disruption severely impacted both the airline and travelers. The losses incurred by PIA were substantial, exceeding Rs. 6 billion.

Passenger Refunds

In the wake of these cancellations, PIA had to refund around Rs. 50 million to passengers. This step was taken to compensate travelers for the inconvenience caused by the canceled flights.

Restoration of Flight Operations

Despite these setbacks, PIA remains determined to bounce back. They are working tirelessly to completely restore their flight operations by the next week. To support this endeavor, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has received Rs. 500 million from the airline, ensuring a steady fuel supply.


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