While Samsung as a whole has not yet commented about the Android Pie update on its Galaxy phones, Samsung France has taken to the Samsung members community to suggest when the update will be coming. The Post with regards to the latest and upcoming update suggests that the update will not be available for the Galaxy phones before January 2019, and this isn’t shocking for many because many were expecting samsung to be late, it is nonetheless disappointing considering the fact that so many manufacturers have been testing the update for their devices for a long,long time now.

Of course however, nothing is confirmed at this point even though it comes from one of Samsung official community, however while nothing is confirmed,it does provide us with a good idea of what we can and should expect.

With regards to the update the update for the gallery will let users easily access their recorded videos. Samsung has also gone on to fix the part about the camera app showing all of the images when the app was launched through the camera,and with the latest update in mind it will only show the photos in the camera folder when the gallery is opened after taking a photo through the camera app.

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There has also been confirmation that the new camera features are being developed in such a way that they will become available starting from January 2019 which is likely when Android Pie will be released by the Korean company. It will also be made possible to use the phones flash in the direct focus mode something which the Galaxy note 9 already allows even before the update.The update will in particularly be great for the Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S8 as it will bring additional features from recent flagships as well to both these phones.

New features will arrive such as the inclusive ability for the phone to read the name and the phone number during an incoming call and also the ability

to cut audio recordings, and listen to the part you want from within the app itself.


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