With accordance to various reports, Google’s latest Android flagship device – the Google Pixel 3 is suffering from overheating problems, while the phone is on charge. Pixel 3 owners have taken to Reddit to claim that there is a serious problem with their device, and also some posts have been seen on Google product forums. This problem seems to be affecting both the standard Pixel 3, and it’s bigger brother – the Google Pixel 3 XL.

The problem seems to be occurring in multiple cases, as users have complained that the device heats up when the phone is charging, and also when users are using the phone to video call. Also, the users of the phone have claimed that the problem occurs both when the device is charged using the official Google charger or a third-party charger.

In extreme cases, users have stated that the smartphone can heat up to the point where an overheating notification appears, or the handset shuts off itself.

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As of now, it is unclear exactly what the cause of the problem is. While it does come with an element of natural cause for the phone to get warm while charging, or even video calling or video recording at high resolution, however, if the phone becomes too hot to use, or perhaps shuts off itself due to the heating factor, this certainly isn’t natural, and hence, needs to be addressed by Google as soon as possible.

The smartphone heating problems at times can be resolved with the aid of an update, however, this may lead to a reduction in charging speeds, or might end up limiting video framerates or resolution. And if at the end of the day this turns out to be a hardware issue, then google just as might replace the units under warranty.

This isn’t a new problem for Google phones, either. The Pixel 2 also had a similar problem, as there were reports of the phone shutting down while charging.


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