Pixel 3 spec leaks astonish market watchers. We’re just around three weeks away from the official event concerning Google’s latest and upcoming flagship phones – the official Google Pixel event. As you’d expect this close to the release, there isn’t any dearth of leaks surrounding the upcoming phones and as time is going by, with us getting closer and closer to the release, the leaks are getting more and more frequent.

Not only are the leaks getting more and more frequent, but they all seem to be complementing  each other. We are seeing more and more agreement now between the leaks, much more than what we saw in previous times. So basically, those who choose to believe in conspiracies have little to nothing to hold onto.

Recent leaks have been coming from reliable sources coming from users on Twitter, and one of these is Ishan Agarwal. In a recent image leaked by him on Twitter, we don’t see much out of the ordinary – the notch is there, and the size is still pretty much as outrageous as it looked in the leaks from before, however, there is indeed one thing out of the ordinary – a different color used on the power button. While the is just a leak, and could just possibly be of little substance, it could also possibly true, just in the case of Google mixing things a little bit, just to avoid the device getting all boring, or it could be the case that all those colors will actually make it to the market.

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Another leaks comes from Evan Blass, another one of those reliable leakers based on Twitter, and the images leaked by him seem to confirm everything that we’ve been speculating over in the past few weeks or so. The images jotted down together appear to be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL renders, with the device being turned off. We can quite easily see the notchless Pixel 3 on the left, while the fat notch display of Pixel 3 XL can be seen on the right. The symmetrical front facing speakers on the smaller models can also be seen quite easily on the smaller model.

So yes, we’re now so close to the release of both the phones that all the leaks and rumors coming out seem to be true, so we’re pretty convinced of whatever is present on the internet with regards to both the phones. And though there is no shortage of leaks surrounding the specs and the design, what I’d really like to hear about is the pricing and the availability of the phones, but I guess it won’t be too long before those too are released.


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