An APK version of the latest Google camera app is now available for download, after some users reported to see it on the internet. The newest version of the app brings along some big changes, coming in the UI department, and also new features to the camera of the older Google Pixel phones.

Even though some features have been brought to the older Google phones, unfortunately enough for many users, the next Google Pixel 3 camera modes, which include the likes of Top shot, Photobooth, and night sight are still exclusive only to the latest phones, meaning that they won’t be available for the older Pixel phones.

Nonetheless, the addition that the app brings along to the older Pixel phones are still quite useful, to say the least. The biggest change of them all comes in the Google camera app, which now has the capabilities to support RAW images. This is very good news for those people who have quite the interest in tinkering with their photos, as you will now be able to turn on RAW support on, in the “advanced” section of the settings menu.

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Another change which comes is to the face retouching option, which is found in portrait mode. Instead of just simply having the option to turn retouching either on, or off, you will have the possibility of simply setting the type of retouching, to either natural, or soft.

Google has also made a new slight change to the way you take panoramas which will happen to take place within the app itself. What this does is that it now directs you to create the panorama with the aid of arrows, and not alignable dots, something which we saw in the older version.

Other UI changes include a brand new way to switch between different camera modes. Much like on the iPhone, you will now just have to scroll to the left, or right in a menu which would be found above the shutter button, in order to change to a different mode. And also not to mention, by clicking “More,” which too is found in this particular menu, brings up other camera functions, ranging from the likes of Photo sphere, to the likes of AR sticker, and lens.

If you are willing to give the latest version of the Google camera a try, you can do so quite easily, because luckily enough, the APK file required to download is quite readily available, through a number of sources.


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