The Pixel 3 and 3 XL came out this year and are the latest in line of phones created by Google. Google made the backsides of these phones out of glass unlike its previous predecessors. On top of that the material works better with internal radios and this Glass allowed Google to give the feature of wireless charging in the new models But of course the glass is easier to break as compared to other materials.

So Zack Nelson, a YouTuber who checks the durability of different phones went on to do a review of this phone as well. His channel name is Jerry Rig Everything. He put the new phones through a series of torture tests to see how well they might withstand the constant torture the phones face

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As can be seen in the video’s the Pixel 3XL stands up to almost everything Nelson threw at the phone. The phone’s screen and camera portion are made out of Gorilla glass 5 and it took a lot more than what was expected to even leave a mark on the screen. The aluminum edges are covered in plastic-like coating and could be scraped away with some force. However the most prominent finding was that, how easy it was to leave permanent damage and scratches on the matte black portion of the Pixel 3. As he showed by rubbing softer materials on the surface such as coins he found out that the marks such as these could be rubbed-off but then keys and other sharp objects were used they easily left deep gouges in the glass which would remain there forever.

Finally if you are a person who loves to keep the phone for a number of years the same as it was the day you bought it, than it would be much more suitable for you buy a case or at least a skin to protect the phone from any damage. All in all it seems pretty easy to cause permanent damage to the phone but feel free to check out more about the phone in link given below


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