Even if you never happened to own the Pixel 2 XL, you probably have became familiar with a few issues with regards to the phones, and the problems that the users had with the phone. Amongst these problems was one major one – the display of the phone. There’s a high sense of familiarity when it comes to users, and experts talking about how poor the phone’s display was – posing a pretty drastic blue shift when the handset was tilted, while the screen also experienced a black smear, amongst other screen related issues. Thankfully enough though, it looks like Google is looking to learn from its mistakes, as it now seems that things with regards to the display in this year’s phone – the Pixel 3 XL won’t be that bad.

DisplayMate is a company that not only produces advanced screen calibration, and optimization software, but also tests and rates how good various displays are. With accordance to the statements made by the company, they have tested the Pixel 3 XL in their labs, and they have given the phone an A+ rating, among other smartphone displays.

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To further refresh your memory, the display specs of the phone include a 6.3 inch flexible OLED display panel, coming with a 1,440 X 2,960 resolution. If the rating coming from DisplayMate stands out to be true, Google’s latest flagship phone should standout as to having one of the best display available on the market – if not the best.

Several other smartphones that have received such awards coming from the company include the likes of the Samsung Galaxy s9, the Galaxy Note 9, and the iPhone XS Max.

Though these are reviews made by a reliable company, we still have to wait a little more time to see for ourselves exactly how good the displays of the phone really are, and whether or not they deserve that A+ rating that DisplayMate gave. We’ll also have to wait till the 15th of October before we can see the review made by DisplayMate itself, so hold on to your horses till now.


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