Pixel 4a phones are cracking and no one knows why

Google Pixel 4a

The Google Pixel 4a was never really a phone which was built as a durable one. With that said then, it of course lacks water resistance all the while it sports a plastic design as both its frame as well as its back panel are made of the material. However of course, since plastic is not nearly as brittle as glass, when reports started to come in that the Pixel 4a was just cracking on its own, the whole thing was rather surprising to say the least.

Complaints have been flowing in from users in reddit as well as from people posting on the official Google Pixel forums and they all seem to be saying the same thing: the Pixel 4a develops a crack on the top right or left corner without being dropped at all. Many have actually observed that the crack on their phone developed overnight. Some complaints even claimed that the cracks started to appear just a week after the phone was purchased – which of course makes the entire thing all the more abnormal.

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Upon scouring through various reports, there was indeed one thing which can be observed: almost all the complaints that have come about are in respect to this year. The Pixel 4a was of course launched back in August of last year. This could then refer to the possibility that some bad batches were produced this year and have since made their way to users, unchecked by quality control. Of course, though, this is all based on an assumption, and the reality could be much different.

Another thing of notice was that the newer Pixel 4a 5G is unscathed by the corner cracking issue, hence making it clear that this was indeed a Pixel 4a exclusive ordeal. 


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