Pixel 4a to be delayed once again?

Pixel 4a to be delayed once again?
Pixel 4a to be delayed once again?

Due to the fact that the coronavirus is present all across the world right now, Google could not manage to hold its annual I/O developer conference this year. While the event usually takes place some time in May and sees the search engine giant launch new features as well as OS updates and even new hardware, of course the event could not materialize this year. All of this though seems to be on hold for the time being – and as far as the latest reports suggest – the same is to be the case with regards to the Pixel 4a launch.

It was previously expected that the Pixel 4a would actually end up being launched some time this month because this was certainly the case last year with the Pixel 3a. A recent tip wenton to suggest that the launch has actually been moved to June so as to coincide with Google’s reveal of the first Android 11 beta. However, with respect to the latest developments, it is now being said that the launch for Google’s mid-ranger has actually been pushed even further.

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And so in respect to the latest rumors, it is now being suggested that Google is actually gearing up to launch the Pixel 4a on the 13th of July. If this does turn out to be the case, then the launch would take place more than a month after the company is set to release the Android 11 public beta.

Indeed the indication is there that while the initial launch was in fact touted to be in May, it got pushed down to June and now, finally, we are probably looking towards a July launch.

It has also been said that the Pixel 4a will not be a 5G enabled phone because of the fact that it will feature with the Snapdragon 730 processor – which happens to be a 4G capable processor. Also, it is likely that the device will feature in just two colorways : Just Black and Barely Blue.


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