In the ideal world, all smartphones would have at least one form of expandable storage which includes phones such as that of Google Pixel 6a. There are so many pictures, selfies and videos with their phones, as in downloading apps and games which can consume lots of storage space. As useful as expanding storage via SD cards is, many phones do not feature them today.

In the instance of Google specifically, it’s not been able to support MicroSD card expansion on the Pixel devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s the original Pixel from 2016 , or the last season’s Pixel 6 or 6 Pro models, there’s not seen any Pixel equipped with the SD slot. With it’s been announced that the Pixel 6a has been released to the public is it possible to come with the SD slot, which its predecessors did not have? The answer is not. There is no SD card slot on the Pixel 6. have a slot for SD cards.have any SD card slots.

The absence of the MicroSD card slot on Google’s Pixel 6a should not be an entirely unexpected. It’s not a surprise that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro do not have this feature neither do they have a MicroSD card slot. Google having left this function out of the 6aand its predecessorsis a matter of cost.

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The majority of Android phones were able to use microSD cards a couple of years ago, but over the last few years the costs of making and distributing smartphones with MicroSD support has made the feature a rarity. In most cases, Google (and other companies) have sacrificed expandable storage in favor of modern designs and cheaper prices.

Alternatives for storage that are more suited to Pixel 6a

For $449 The Pixel 6a already has 128GB of internal storage and the lack of a microSD slot may be reasonable. But if you truly require more storage space for the endless amount of photos or games and other media you’ll build up for the same price The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G might be the most suitable option. It comes with 128GB of space for storage as the Pixel 6a however, it was able to hold the microSD card in order that you can expand the storage as you’d like. In actuality the A53 5G is compatible with MicroSD cards right up to 1TB.

Its OnePlus Nord N200 is also an excellent choice. It has 64GB of internal memory however, which isn’t much according to current standards. It does have an SD card slot for microSD cards, which means you can increase storage at a cost of $240.


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