Now you will feel free using nondestructive tools of Pixelmator pro 1.0 Whirlwind, a high-powered version of popular photo editing application for macOS that has been unveiled by Pixelmator. This version will be available this fall.

Its nondestructive tools can be used for color adjustments, effects, styles, and layouts. Making or removing changes in a photo editing project is no problem now.

Users can save the changes as pre-sets and can reuse later in other projects. These sets of changes can also be shared with friends.

With no floating toolbars and having a single window, the new version of the app boasts new nondestructive and GPU-powered image editing tools. The interface has gotten enhanced machine-learning features too.

Pixelmator Pro Whirlwind supports Machine learning and smart tools

Whirlwind is written in Apple’s Swift 4 language and is hooked into Mac’s graphics processor and graphics technologies such as Metal 2, Core Image and OpenGL. We can say that it has been designed for optimal performance on a Mac.

David D. Busch, creative director of David Busch Photography Guides says that “Mac users like Pixelmator because it’s Mac only,”. He also adds that,

“They feel that making a program for Windows and Mac sacrifices a lot of Mac’s advantages,”

Like Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware features Whirlwind is featured with Core ML, Apple’s machine learning framework. This feature makes retouching photos more seamless.

This framework enables the software to recognize certain features of an image and perform tasks such as automatic layer naming and horizon correction and clean object removal.

According to Robe Enderle who is the principal analyst at the Enderle Group, machine learning in these kinds of products would be the key differentiator in the future.

Machine learning feature reduces the overall editing time making the app ideal for everyone. Better results in no time with a lot of amazing things all is possible with machine learning.

Accurate selection is no problem with Whirlwind’s Quick Selection Tool that is powered by machine learning.

Machine learning automatically gives descriptive names to the layers in a project while the new layers are numbered typically.

This feature also improves the composition of a photo by detecting the horizon in an image. It also straightens the image automatically.

A Machine learning enhanced algorithm that is incorporated into the Repair Tool removes the objects simply by painting over them.

This tool is smart to match the surrounding colors, textures, and even to repair the structure of an image naturally.

Pixelmator Pro Whirlwind also features:

(1) HEIF, a replacement format for JPEG that’s now embraced by Apple.

(2) RAW, including multiple RAW layers.

(3) Adobe Photoshop images.

It also provides complete macOS integration, that includes full support for iCloud, Versions, Touch Bar, Tabs, Full Screen, Split View, Sharing, Permanent Undo, and Wide Color.

Though the pricing and precise release information of the new version have not been given, the current version costs the US $30.

Pixelmator and Affinity Photo are the best choices for those who can’t afford the monthly subs charges of Adobe. People are availing these two because they have not to keep on paying with cheaper Pixelmator and Affinity Photo.


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