Plastic fashion to be the big trend of 2018

Plastic fashion to be the big trend of 2018
Plastic fashion to be the big trend of 2018

Plastic fashion is going to be the big trend of the upcoming year as experts do predict. The 2018 is going to be the year for more plastic, less leather and less fabrics.

The trend of plastic wearables has a history in the world of fashion, this time it is not a unique one because we saw plastic jackets, handbags and heels about a decade ago.

Experts claim and are hopeful to see pretty girls wearing plastic from head to toe. But is that true? Would really be plastic dressing dominate the fashion junkies? Who would be brave to wear a transparent top to enhance the charm of street?

We saw, – no doubt – rumblings of the plastic fashion trend in 2017, but the predictions by fashion experts for 2018 make us imagine the new year as the full of  plastic.

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Just imagine girls aside plastics.  Do they embarrass you? To me they are pretty girls in pretty dresses,  because I don’t expect fabrics and leather anymore.

If would be really fantastic thing to see throughout the year. We will see celebs like Kim Kardashian sporting see-through plastic shoes and other accessories.

It depends upon you either you choose to have a black plastic heels or you purchase a plastic handbag that is transparent and does show everything that you carry with you when you are out to meet some friend. Whether you follow the celebrities in their plastic-clad footsteps or not, plastics certainly have their perks for 2018.

Why plastic is going to be the trend?

Because plastic is cheap and durable as compared to leather. It means we are set to enter an era where trends would become easier to follow.

We can say that we are about to reach affordable fashion. But I have a question in mind,  how would I press my clothes of they are made of plastic? How would you wash your transparent shirt?

Another question is, would you be brave enough to try out transparent accessories? Would you really parade down the streets in plastic?

With this trend, you could take the festival look anywhere and you could give your worn out pac-a-mac a break with some swish plastic poncho.

 The upside of plastic handbags is that you reach the heights of fashion with them, but the downside of this trend is that the contents of your bag are visible to every one.


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