Playing Indian Movies while travelling on the Motorway has been banned

So has reported that any person or family found to be watching Indian movies or dramas, be it on any device will be subject to a heavy fine which will be imposed by the Motorway Authority of Pakistan. So it is no hidden fact that Pakistan and India, be it neighbouring countries have never been on the same page and have found it hard to come on common terms. Anytime one thinks there will be a breakthrough between the two countries, our neighbours find a way to completely overlook that progress and do something crazy.

Narindera Modi, the Prime Minister of India has been very hostile towards Pakistan, one of the major issue he created was blaming the Pulwama Attack on Pakistan and what came after that is not unknown by any means. A battle between two Air Forces of pretty high level countries in terms of Military strength and one country came on top, and we all know who that is. Now the on going crisis in Kashmir once again thanks to the PM of India has not helped sort out the situation at all. Kashmiris have been subject to violence, rape and hostility for so long in Jammu Kashmir and Narindera Modi has undoubtedly made things worse.

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With that in mind it was expected that Pakistan will take a strong stance and they have taken a strong stance, Pakistan has boycotted all Indian Media in an attempt to completely end the bollywood influence in Pakistan, and it should be noted that a lot of business of the bollywood industry is directed towards Pakistan, and boycotting the Indian Media will Undoubtedly cause Indian industry to lose money. Now Pakistan are taking an even stronger stance as they have now banned Indian movies on the Motorway as well and anyone found to be watching an Indian film will be subject to a heavy fine as reported by

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