PlayStation 5 backward compatibility

Sony Playstation 5

The vast majority of consumers are interested in backward compatibility whenever a new console is released or is potentially going to release. What backward compatibility basically means is the ability for a new game console to support games from the previous generation. And as the brand new PlayStation 5 has made its way, Sony has gone on to release a blog post explaining how backward compatibility will work on the Ps5.

When the PlayStation 5 will finally go on sale next month, it’s catalog of games will be rather small but the good news for those that own the previous generation Ps4 is that they will be able to play their current catalog of games on the new console. These games include exclusives such as The Last of Us Part II as well as Ghost of Tsushima.

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As far as the digital edition of the console goes, users will in fact be able to play the digital edition of their compatible Ps4 games on the Ps5 digital edition. Such games include those that they have already in fact been bought or indeed those that they plan on to purchase on the Playstation Store on the Ps4, Ps5, web or indeed via the Playstation mobile app. Those who actually have the Ps4 discs but pick up the Ps5 digital edition will not have the option to play their disc based games on the console.

If you pick up the PlayStation 5 with a drive, then you will be able to play the digital version of the games that you bought on the console. Of course if you have disc-based games, you will actually be able to pop them in the drive and then play. Sony has advised users to update their consoles to the very latest version and also has advised users to apply any games patches that may be available. Also, important to note is the fact that supported games for both versions of the Ps5 also includes VR games.


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