In the more recent turn of events, it can in fact be concluded that Sony is actually in the process of gradually winding down a number of features that happened to have been prominent within its Playstation 4 console – as greater attention is now of course being given to the latest generation in the PlayStation 5. Sony has taken upon itself to notify its registered users of the Ps4 with the aid of an email that it does plan on to discontinue the PlayStation Communities by April of this year.

The PlayStation Communities has provided a fertile platform thereby which many gaming enthusiasts as well as fans have the opportunity to not only interact, but also play games and hold discussions of related interests. It had indeed grown to become a melting pot of ideas and competition that existed amongst users prior to the release of the latest console in the PlayStation 5. Back in March will of last year, Sony took the decision to discontinue the PlayStation Communities app from the PlayStation store and also gradually limited its functionalities.

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The impending shutdown of the Communities feature makes way after the discontinuation of both the rental as well as movie purchases option via the aid of the PlayStation store – applicable for all the current version of the gaming console in the Ps4, Ps4 Pro and also the Ps5.

Sony has of course taken upon itself to adduce some reasons behind its decision of pulling the plug on the Communities feature – amidst there being a general realignment of features on the PlayStation Store. The company stated that as a result of the massive growth that had been witnessed with respect to subscription-based and ad-based entertainment services on the various forms of its consoles, the need for the feature wasn’t seemingly any longer necessary. Also, the Japanese company has informed all of its users that these changes will not make way before the 31st of August this year and that users will indeed have access to their purchased movie as well as TV content with the aid of the PlayStation Store.


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