The Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari’s solid censure to the Foreign Office on Saturday that it had let Kashmiris and Prime Minister Imran Khan down in their battle for the Kashmir cause, passed on a solid impression at home and abroad that the head administrator and Foreign Office were seeking after their autonomous strategies on the center issue of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. 

Tending to a capacity here, Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari said it was through the head administrator’s “independent endeavors” that the account encompassing Kashmir had changed the worldwide recognition over the issue. “In the event that the Foreign Office had conveyed forward the PM’s story, the circumstance would have been boundlessly unique today,” she said. 

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Mazari said had the Foreign Office made a move, the world would surely have tuned in to Pakistan on the issue. “In any case, our representatives picked relaxed lodging stays, dressing in tuxedos and intensely treated garments and talking via phone,” she included. 

The human rights serve addressed how a nation like Burkina Faso “has more strategic clout” than Pakistan, as it figured out how to get a goal passed by the United Nations Human Rights Council against police ruthlessness in the United States in the wake of fights against George Flyod’s homicide. “We need to move away from customary tact and for that we have to embrace present day strategies, Mazari said. “The Kashmiri battle is a simply battle. The Indian occupation powers are utilizing the corruption of ladies as a political instrument,” said the priest. “Our reaction in the issue needs a significant patch up if our voice against such barbarities is to go to the furthest reaches of the world,” she said.


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