PM Khan has taken a rather different route when it comes to implementing measures in the country. Ones that don’t involve results on the front end, but rather on the back end, and has taken tough measures which are aimed for the long term, causing huge economical crisis in the short run. Despite all the criticism he was faced on not producing results and the country’s situation deteriorating overall, PM Khan has just announced through Twitter about the initiation of a new programme which will promote human capital development and allow more and more students to gain a college degree. According to the official tweet from PM’s account

I will launch the largest ever needs-based undergraduate scholarship programme in the history of Pakistan today. 200,000 scholarships will be awarded over the next 4 years, 50,000 every year, 50% of these for women to promote human capital development under my @Ehsaas_Pk umbrella


He has received greate praise from twitter with one tweet standing out, also taking a dig at the previous government in the process:

This is the way forwards. Instead of building roads that unemployed travel on. Let’s build bridges towards employment and education. Education. Skills. And more education is the only way out of poverty and ignorance. Allah bless #Pakistan. Ameen.

Very similar programmes have been initiated before as well, but to little avail. This time too, the hopes are high, but nothing is for sure until the programme is underway and the nation is able to experience the benefits.

Adding quotas for women is a huge step forward for a country where women have not been able to get the same level of opportunities as men and here’s to a future where the country could progress and reach new heights as a result of the advancements made by both, men and women.


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