PM Khan to Move Towards Lockdown as Rallies Intensify

PM Khan

PM Imran Khan on Sunday said the public authority would be constrained to authorize total lockdown if the resistance didn’t cease from holding public get-togethers when the nation was reeling under the effect of Covid-19. 

During the most recent 24 hours, the most elevated number of positive cases was accounted for with 2,665 individuals getting contaminated and 59 losing their lives. 

Taking to Twitter, Prime Minister Khan said the resistance’s Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) would be liable for the outcomes on the off chance that it proceeded with public social occasions notwithstanding a flood in Covid-19 cases. “In (Pakistan), the PDM by proceeding with Jalsas (public social occasions) is intentionally jeopardizing lives and jobs (since, supposing that) cases keep on increasing at the rate we are seeing, we will be constrained to go into complete lockdown and PDM will be liable for results,” Mr Khan said in his tweet. 

He said the information was very disturbing as there was a 200 percent expansion in the quantity of patients on ventilators in Peshawar and Multan during the most recent 15 days. It was 148 percent in Karachi, 114pc in Lahore and 65pc in Islamabad. 

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The PM Khan said the world was confronting a second influx of the infection with numerous nations going for complete lockdown. “I would prefer not to take estimates like a lockdown that will begin harming our economy which right now is giving indications of a powerful recuperation,” he tweeted. 

About PDM’s public gatherings, PM Khan said the resistance was insensitively crushing individuals’ lives and jobs in their urgency to get help in arguments against their chiefs. 

“Let me make it understood: they can hold 1,000,000 Jalsas however won’t get any National Reconciliation Ordinance-like concession,” he stated, adding that tragically the resistance’s just objective was to get a NRO at the expense of individuals’ lives and the nation’s economy. 

Minister for Information Senator Shibli Faraz on Sunday said by putting lives in danger when the nation was seeing a spike in cases was ‘political cold-bloodedness’ and ‘abuse’. 

Congressperson Faraz said individuals of Peshawar had dismissed PDM’s public gathering by not going to it. 

In a tweet, the Minister stated: “Mindset of childish political circle was uncovered as it was playing with lives of guiltless individuals and laborers for minor political bit of leeway. The crooks who defamed the public foundations and pulverized the public economy presently followed lives and work of individuals.”


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