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PM Khan to Take Action Against Drug Abuse in The Youth

Uncovering that there are more than 7,000,000 drug addicts in the nation, PM Imran Khan on Monday declared that his administration would devise a technique to check drug abuse among the adolescent. 

“Enemies of Narcotics Force and National Accountability Bu­r­eau (NAB) alone can’t check utilization of narcotics and cor­r­uption, accordingly the entire country and the public authority should put forth aggregate attempts to battle the danger,” the PM said while tending to an occasion held at the ANF central command in Chaklala, Rawalpindi. 

“7,000,000 drug add­icts in the nation indeed implies enduring and wretchedness of similar number of families,” he added. Naming co­r­r­uption and narcotics “disease of society”, he said the public authority would dev­ise a methodology to check drug abuse among the young and spare the people in the future. 

PM Khan said the pertinent services, including instruction and wellbeing, would be accepted to chalk out the approach taking into account the developing pattern of drug abuse at instructive establishments. “I will assemble a conference one week from now to examine approaches to address the test of narcotics on a dire premise and the public authority will run an enemy of drug crusade the nation over and the whole country will battle this danger as a unified power.” 

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He focused on the requirement for bringing issues to light among the majority, especially the young, about the contrary effects of drugs in close to home and public activities. Communicating worry over higher number of instances of drug addicts announced at schools and colleges, he stated: “We need to spare our next ages from the shackles of drug abuse.” 

The leader said the assessor general of Islamabad police had advised him that the circumstance of utilization of drug ‘ice’ by understudies was disturbing as it could leave a terrible effect on their schooling and wellbeing. “We need to spare our youngsters and youth from ‘quiet executioner’ (ice),” he pledged. 

Mr Khan said society had a critical part in advancement of negative patterns by tolerating bringing in of cash through unlawful ways and defilement. He said the public authority would improve the progression of assets needed to counter the threat of drug abuse in the nation. 

He praised the ANF’s endeavors to kill drug abuse, yet said the endeavors by an establishment alone couldn’t create results except if put in by society itself as the greatest obstruction. 

The minister for narcotics control and senior officials of the ANF went to the occasion. ANF chief general Maj Gen Muhammad Arif Malik advised the leader on the activities of his association to check carrying of narcotics the nation over and said the means were being taken to guarantee a sans drug society.


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