Following HRH Crown Prince’s visit to the subcontinental countries, PM Khan finally decided to respond to the Indian allegations linking Pakistan with the Pulwama attack. The reason that was provided by him for the delay in replying to such a statement was that he didn’t want to sway focus away from the Saudi Prince’s visit and after things being gone down well, PM Khan was ready to ‘co-operate’ with the Indians to hold the perpetrators accountable for such a peace-dismantling act of terror.

Furthermore, the Pakistan Premier wasn’t amused at the Indian allegations and responded:

“You accused the Pakistani government without providing any evidence, or saying what Pakistan stands to gain from this,” Khan said in a recorded statement, adding that Islamabad was ready to cooperate with New Delhi on the Kashmir attack investigation.

The attack cost India the lives of 40 soldiers, ratcheting up tensions with its neighbouring country.

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The problem of Kashmir has been one that has been nagging at the throat of both nations ever since partition and disappointingly, even organisations around the world including UN have failed to settle down the dispute, which keeps Pakistan and India from holding hands and short brief periods of calm are followed by long periods of tension, not even considering the amount of torture and uncertainty Kashmiri people feel about their lives.

Like possibly every other citizen of the country, PM Khan is also aware of how volatile the situation in Kashmir is responded maturely, “If you have any actionable intelligence, give it to us, I guarantee that we will take action. And we will take action not because of [external] pressure, but because these people would be enemies of Pakistan. If anyone is acting from Pakistani soil, they are harming us.” His measured response was appreciated by Pakistanis who acknowledged his firm stance on the matter as he concluded his statement with, if India takes any action, it will be responded.

Indian officials, weren’t satisfied however, who blamed ISI for being the source of the attack claimed by JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed). The offer to investigate the matter was rebuffed by Indian Officials and Pakistan has been demanded to take “credible and visible action” over the suicide attack. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, facing an election due by May, has warned Pakistan to expect a “strong response”to the bombing, raising fears of conflict between the nuclear-armed neighbours. It is further stated that India has said it has “incontrovertible evidence” of Pakistan’s involvement in the attack – the worst in more than two decades.

Pakistan seemed that it had no option but request UN to intervene into the matter. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, also described these allegations before any investigation to be “absurd”.

The outrage in India following the Pulwama attack caught the light of world countries who were aware that matters could get worse between the nuclear-powered countries.


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