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PM Shehbaz could finally get to meet President Xi

Premier Secretary Shehbaz Sharif has not yet go to China despite having been in the office for more than four months. This is considered to be unusual due to the fact that Beijing has always been one of the first destinations of the newly elected Pakistani leader.

When Shehbaz was elected to replace Imran Khan for premier Minister in the month of April there was a plan that , following his trip in Saudi Arabia, he would visit Beijing.

But, the visit isn’t yet confirmed.

One of the major causes of the delay during his visit was the strict Covid-19 protocol, which is implemented by Chinese President Xi Xinping, according to diplomatic sources.

However, given the strategic alliance that exists between Pakistan and China experts believe that the Covid-19 may not be the reason.

There was however no official statement or explanation from either the other side.

But the PM Shehbaz may be given the chance to attend a meeting in-person with President Xi in the coming month.

President Xi is scheduled to be present at this year’s Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit scheduled to take place between September 15 and 16, in Samarkand.

Pakistan is a member of the SCO which comprises China, Russia, India and Central Asian states.

Sources have told The Express Tribune that a bilateral meeting between the president Xi and Prime Minister Shehbaz is in the offing during the SCO summit.

There isn’t definitive confirmation that the president Xi will attend the summit personally.

There are reports that suggest the summit could be attended online due to the strict protocols of Covid-19.

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join those who will attend this summit. SCO summit.

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The sources claimed that Pakistan was looking into possibilities for a possible summit with Putin as well as Shehbaz.

But, there isn’t a final word at this point, as the sources said.

In a casual gathering, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov invited his Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to come to Moscow.

India is expected to assume its presidency in the SCO during the summit scheduled for next week.

A few sources suggest the possibility of a call to courtesy in between Modi with Shehbaz.

Although there was initial optimism about an eventual thaw following the change in government in Pakistan There has been no sign of any positive developments in the bilateral arena.

While Pakistani as well as Indian soldiers swapped sweets and gifts during their independence days There was no formal exchange between the two countries.

In spite of tensions, Pakistan has announced that it will participate in multi-nation anti-terrorism drills that will be held that will be held in India during October.

Pakistan as well as Indian soldiers have in the past were present at SCO anti-terrorism exercises.

This is be the first time that Pakistan is sending its military to India.


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